What Are the 3 Pillars of SEO

Experienced SEOs understand that successful sites come from organic search and a mixture of high-level fundamentals.

The 3 Pillars

There are multiple versions of the 3 pillars for SEOs, here is one version that is believed to be most relevant according to SEO in Manchester.


There are many elements that are good for your site’s crawlability and performance. Firstly, your site must have a clear and easy structure for search engines to be able to crawl in the first place. Therefore the URL structure and the schema of your site should make sense meaning if your URL says blue dresses and it takes you to a black dress page on your site, the search engines are going to pick that up.

Search engines love it when your site is broken down into relevant topics or chunks to make it easier for people to navigate themselves and find more information on relevant topics.

Most SEO audits will spend a great deal of time on a website’s technology, ensuring the right HTTP status codes for the right kind of web pages are identified and altered.

There are also other things that will impact your technical SEO such as:

  • Website Speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • XML Sitemap
  • Navigation


When search engines crawl your website content, developments in search engines such as Google BERT’s update allow Google to understand the content and if it is relevant to the search engine query. For example, if your page is for pink bedding and your writing content is about rugs, it will determine that your content isn’t relevant and lower your rankings.

This means having to optimise your title tags, headlines, and properly structured content this allows search engines to rank your content well and determine the authority of your website.


In SEO, authority refers to the importance of a page given to a search query it’s not all on the weight of the quality of content. You need to be viewed as a trusted source from Google. With adequate links from additional sites, will add more trust to your site and search engines will rank you well for relevant queries. For example, the more relevant links the better, this doesn’t mean adding a link to every other sentence but linking back to relevant pages on your site or other sites that provide content that’s relevant to yours and with high authority.

Link and competitor analysis aspects of SEO apply here, with many aspects that can be used to determine the authority of a website and therefore are relevant for SEO. Having the right digital marketing agency can help websites and businesses adhere to the 3 pillars and keep their SEO current and ethical.