How to Select the Proper Air Regulator

Air regulators are an essential component of operating pneumatic equipment in all industries. The compressed air used in the operation of a pneumatic system must be circulated at a steady pressure for optimal performance. To achieve this balance, air regulators keep the pressure at the desired level regardless of fluctuations that come from outside the system.

Depending on the type of equipment, specific air regulators must be used to ensure safety, decrease potential waste and support the longevity of the compressed air system.

Determine the Required Pressure

As you begin shopping for a new air regulator, make a note of the pressure level that is required for your system. You will also need to be aware of the high and low ranges of the compressed air for your equipment. Products such as arrow regulators are manufactured to accommodate different standards and degrees of precision. A firm grasp of your specifications will narrow your search for the right regulator.

Consider the Installation Location

Air regulators are available in various configurations, so you want to select one that will work in the designated space. The location must also be able to accommodate additional attachments for the air regulator if they are desired or necessary. Ultimately, you must choose a regulator that can be installed properly in the space while remaining accessible for any necessary adjustments.

Check the Size of Piping

Your new air regulator will have to connect to the existing piping of your pneumatic equipment. Record the size of this piping and attempt to find a regulator that will attach to it. You may discover that the regulator you require does not come in the size of your piping, which signifies an adapter will be needed to complete the hook-up.

Running your pneumatic system with the proper air regulator will provide long-lasting and reliable performance. Through careful planning, you can simplify the selection process and quickly get back to business.